Labour Day Events in Hobart

Visit the old Cascade Brewery on Labour Day in HobartLabour DayHere are a few ideas on some of the activities to be part of in Hobart on the Labour Day public holiday dates including fine dining, restaurants and parties. All the best events in Hobart. Labour Day in Hobart known locally as Eight Hours Day is held annually on the 2nd Monday in March.

Eight Hours Day is a great occaison to get out and about in Hobart with friends and family. Explore historic locations like battery point, enjoy the iconic Salamanca Market or take in the stunning views from Mount Wellington.

Hobart Labour Day Ideas & Events for 2025

Ideas for Celebrating Labour Day in Hobart

Check out our quick guide for some of the best dining and parties in Hobart over the Labour Day long Weekend.

Glenorchy MyState Bank Arena
Eight Hours Day Basketball Cheering on the JackJumpers as they take on the Perth Wildcats this Eight Hours Day.
Kingston Beach Kingston Beach RSL Club
Eight Hours Day Weekend Dining Head down to Kingston Beach over the Eight Hours Day Long Weekend and enjoy a delicious Lunch or Dinner at the Kingston Beach RSL.

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More Hobart Labour Day ideas

If you are not particularly into the restaurant scene check out some of Hobart's fabulous trails and parks on Labour Day. Or why not head outside of Hobart for a Labour Day Weekend away.

More Big Days for Hobart

The next big day is St Patrick's Day on March 17th. Get all your ideas celebrating Irish style at St Patrick's Day Hobart.

Labour Day in Hobart Party and Dining Events Guide
Hobart Labour Day, Hobart CBD, Hobart, Tasmania 7000
Starting on
February 28, 2025
Ending on
March 3, 2025
A guide to ideas and events for the Labour Day Long Weekend in Hobart. Including events and dining options. Have a great Labour Day in Hobart, VTasmania